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[Gwacheon] Seoul Grand Park


Seoul Grand Park has total area of 6,460,000㎡ (Zoo 2,820,000㎡, botanical garden 1,210,000㎡). Seoul Metropolitan Government began constructing it in 1978 and completed it in May 1984 in support of securing recreational facilities and green space within city. In 1995, there were 3,048 animals (366 different species) that were raised in 75 cages, in Africa zone, Eurasi zone, North/South America zone and Australia zone, etc. 36,610 tropical and subtropical examples of 1,144 different species are located in tropical/subtropical zone, fleshy plant zone, pteridophyta zone, orchid zone and fen zone, where total area is 2,825㎡. As for additional facilities, there are youth cultural facilities, recreational facilities, natural park, lake and management facility. Besides, there are folk playground, grass playground, observatory, children playground, concert hall and animal/plant research institute. Among these, the zoo, botanical garden and additional facilities are operated with the city's capital and cultural facilities/recreational facilities are operated with private capital. Moreover, there is trackless train that tours around the lake.

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