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[Ansan] Sihwaho Lake Reed Marsh Park


Sihwaho Lake Reed Marsh Park is a large-scale artificial marsh that was established in support of inflow stream (Banwolcheon stream, Donghwacheon stream and Samhwacheon stream)s' water quality improvement. It has the spacy area of 1,037,500㎡ and there are reeds and aquatic plants, which are great for natural purification ability, in order to remove pernicious ingredients from sewage. In the center of the marsh, there is an artificial island, where wild animals can rest, and around the island, there is enough space for wild animals and aquatic plants to inhabit by removing reed and digging a deep depth of water. Inside the Reed Marsh Park, there is an environmental ecology pavilion, and in front it, an ecological pond, where purified water from the marsh flows through, is located. Around the pond, there are various flowers, such as iris, corn flag, water lily, Mulsari and purple loosestrife. Besides, there is a flowers way, where various trees that grow in the central region of Korea and wildflowers inhabit. Also, there is a 1.7km trail, where visitors can enjoy beauty of the marsh in a close distance. In the marsh, filled with reed, there are thousands of birds, including ducks, white herons, black-winged stilts, Sheldrake, great egrets and migratory birds.

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