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[Yeoju] Silleuksa Riverside Tourist Site


Walking by the parking lot and go along the park trail, you will find there suddenly stands Iljumun Gate. Silleuksa Iljumun Gate looks trustworthy as the entrance of the old temple which has endured for over thousand years. In order to get to Silleuksa Temple, visitors can go through a forest trail or walk along riverside trail to the right. After passing by Guryongnu, there is Geungnakbojeon Hall, the building that was built as the base temple of King Sejong's tomb, Yeongneung Royal Tomb in 1472 by Silleuksa Temple. In front of Geungnakbojeon Hall, there is the 225th national treasure, Multistoried Stone Pagoda. Moreover, Three-story Stone Pagoda and Galwolheon are Silleuksa Temple's another treasures. The true beauty of Silleuksa Temple cannot be completed without the existence of Galwolheon and the Three-story Stone Pagoda, along with beautiful scenery of Namhangang River. This beautiful scenery has attracted many dramas and movie shooting. The 226th national treasure, Multistoried Brick Pagoda, the only remaining brick pagoda from the Koryo Dynasty, can be seen from Galwolheon. In Silleuksa Temple, there is temple stay program for ordinary people. Temple stay program has two options; one-day program and two-days program. If visitors are short on time, they can choose one-day program, and if not, they can choose the two-days program called fragrance of mountain temple program. This program starts at 15:00 and lasts until the next day 11:00. It includes various events, such as morning Buddhist service, alms bowl meal, mercy meditation, 108 times bowing and creating 1Buddhist rosary. Anyone, who wants to participate in any of these two programs, they can sign up in the Silleuksa Temple website.

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