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[Icheon] Spa Plus Icheon


Miranda Spa Plus is located inside the Miranda Hotel, located in Anheung-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Current location of Miranda Spa Plus was known as the best hot spring place since the Great King Sejong from the Joseon Dynasty period. 120 years ago, before this place was discovered, it was told that a famer cured his eyes by washing with this hot spring everyday. Since then, patients with various diseases visited there to cure them. Spa Plus is divided into health zone and indoor/outdoor water parks. As for the health zone, there are large hot spring, sauna, charcoal sauna, amethyst salt room, hardwood charcoal room, oxygen cooling room, special stone mica room, and briolette shape cave room. As for the water park, there are indoor swimming pool, aqua tube slide, children pool, wave pool, flow-water pool, bidet pool, air bounce, water soccer field and amenities.

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