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[Paju] The Botancial Garden of BCJ (Byeokchoji)


The Botanical Garden of Byeokchoji has meaning of the place having harmony with flowers & trees and land & water. It has various exotic species, wild plants, endangered plants, aquatic plants and various foriegn origin plants as well as an European style garden that has famous statues and fountains. BCJ lake where many dramas and CF were taken and Paryeonjeong pavilion which is boasting Korean beauty are the famous sites of the Botanical Garden of BCJ. Furthermore, yew tree tunnel that is made up of yew trees, are Korea's only yew tunnel, where yew tree is known as 1,000 years of life and living 1,000 years after death. Inside the botanical garden, there are herb shop and art gallery in the basement where painter Lee Seonggeun's workroom is located and products are exhibited. As its interior is made up of whole glass, visitors can experience other images of botanical garden. Besides, baking pottery, natural dyeing and making topiary are another unique features that the visitors can enjoy. There are four different festivals (tulip, bulbous, lily, chrysanthemum and lighting) in four different seasons.

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