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[Yongin] Waujeongsa Temple


Waujeongsa Temple, located in Yeonhwasan Mountain, Haegok-dong, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is the headquarters of Korea Buddhist Yeolban sect. It is Patriotic Buddhist Temple that was established in 1970 by Kim Haegeun in support of achieving nation's unity. There are buildings of Yeolbanjeon, Daegakjeon, Beomjonggak and Yosachae. In Yeolbanjeon, there is Yeolbansang that is made up of Indonesian Tonghyang trees. As the Yeolbansang is Wabulsang, it is also known as Wabuljeon. Yeolbansang is world's largest wooden Buddhist statue, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In Daegakjeon, there is Gohaengsang of Sakyamuni, and in Beomjonggak, there is the Bell of Unification, which was used in the 24th Olympic Games. In Saegyemannuljeong, which wishes for world peace, there are about 3,000 Buddha statues from all over the world, including Korea, China, and Sri Lanka. Besides, there are Jangyukjonsang Ojonbul, which took about 10 years to build with 85,000 geun of bronze and nation's largest Bronze Maitreya in Meditation. Besides steps to Waujeongsa Temple, there is stone tower of unification that was constructed with stones from Buddhist sacred grounds in all over the world. Waujeongsa Temple is interacting with Buhhist organizations and religious bodies in 41 countries. Also, inside the temple, there are World Buddhist Federation, Korea-Sri Lanka's Buddhist Culture Interchange Association, Korea-Myanmar Buddhist Culture Interchange Association and World Buddhist Culture Interchange Association.

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