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[Goyang] WesternDom Goyang


WesternDom is mega complex town, where various events, theme display stand with different items, famous food brand and Western Tower (office town) are gathered together. It was established on February 2007 with a floor space of 9,271 pyeong. It is a building with two stories underground and 10 above ground. From 1st to 4th floors, there are 350 stores, and from 3rd to 10th floors, there are Western Tower offices of four complexes. Furthermore, as there is multiplex with nine theaters, including an IMAX theater, visitors can easily enjoy shopping, movie watching and various entertainment in one space. The biggest feature of the WesternDom is its nature friendly open-type dom structure, which is not deterred by weather conditions. Through each floor's clear air, in the daytime, visitors can enjoy bright and pleasant environment, and in the night time, they can enjoy beautiful night scene. Moreover, for the first time in the world, it has adopted the concept of modern market mall; there is the theme display stand that changes by time and by theme. As more than 100 art works by Goyang City's artists are exhibited it also works as an open art gallery. Vist and enjoy the theme space decorated with beautiful lights and art pieces such as Magician Paul Square and Trumpet Flower Street.

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