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[Gimpo] Yakam Hotel


The Yakam Hotel is a three-star hotel with 71 rooms and a variety of ancillary facilities as well as the Mammoth Bath, which can accommodate about a thousand guests at the same time. It is favored as the space for the Hongyeomcheon bath (hot spring) and family picnics in Gwanghwa-do, Seoul and Incheon because the Choji Bridge, which links Ganghwa-do and Daemyeong-ri, is just in front of it. King Cheoljong, a Ganghwa bachelor during the Joseon period, contracted an eye disease during a visit to his hometown, Ganghwa-do, and washed his eye with Hongyeomcheon, completely curing his illness. Therefore, it was also called Yakam by King Cheoljong. And just what is Hongyeomcheontang? Hongyeomcheon is mineral salt water from 460m underground. It contains salt levels about one tenth of that of the sea as well as a quantity of iron and minerals. It is the only water in the world that mysteriously changes red 10 minutes after elution.

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