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[Yangpyeong] Yangpyeong Hanok Maeul Hwangto Pension


The Yangpyeong Hanok Maeul Hwangto Pension was an ancient house moved from Seongbuk-gu, Seoul to the present location in 1998. The red pine wood used for the ancient house was used without change in order to preserve the elegance of the traditional house. The interior structure was slightly modified for convenience in modern living. The owner, exhausted from life in the city, bought this house in 2002, being attracted on first sight by the cozy appearance of the traditional house in its natural setting. The owner has managed and repaired the house with an attention to detail because he wanted to live here. The large, soaring gate, the small bridge and the swing at the corner of a yard were made by the owner. The second floor is the living space for the owner's family. Rakseonjeong, which the owner's wife wants to display, is also on the second floor. Rakseonjeong is a pavilion enclosed in glass on all four sides; everyone feels like a taoist hermit when having tea in this place because of the great scenery. As the owner repaired and manages the hosue with great endeavor, people recommended to him to open his home as accommodations. He started receiving guests in 2006.

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