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[Hwaseong] Yongjusa Temple


As Yongjusa Temple was established by King Jeongjo in order to pray for the repose of his father, unlike other temples, it has many buildings and relics regarding formal filial duty. Among many cultural heritages from ancestors, Yongjusa Temple's Hyohaeng museum pursuits the filial piety that affects humanity and ethics. 'Bumoeunjunggyeong,' made in the Joseon Dynasty, is Yongjusa Temple's representative cultural asset. Its context is written on every ancestral tablet, including Sadosaeja's and ordinary people's. Also, there is 'Bumoeunjunggyeong pagoda,' outside the building. In Filial Duty Museum, woodblock-printed book of 'Bulseolbumoeunjunggyeong,' published by the King Jeongjo, is stored and displayed. Many visitors from all over the country can feel the harmony between fulfillment and filial duty. Many volunteers are employed to provide better understanding and information regarding this subject as well.

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