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[Yangpyeong] Yongmunsan Mountain


Youngmunsan Mountain, located in the vicinity of Yongmun-myeon & Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, is at the altitude of 1,157m. Although it is a part of the Gwangju mountain range, it is an independent mountain with a grandious scale in its own. With Yongmunsan Mountain being the higest peak, there are Doyil Peak to the northeast, Jungwonsan Mountain to the east and Baegunbong Peak to the southwest. As for the ridge, the ground is spread, and as for the top of the mountain, there is a flat summit. Especially, in the center of Jungwonsan Mountain and Yongmunsan Mountain, there are large canyons, including Yonggye and Chogye. As there is ground on top of 100m height rugged cliff, it is compared to Geumgangsan Mountain. To the north of Yongmunsan Mountain, there is a gentle slope, but to the south of it, there are steep slopes, rock blocks, valleys and waterfalls. Moreover, at the altitude of 700~1,100m in the vicinity of northwest region, there is high flat summit. Especially, ginkgo tree inside Yongmunsa Temple was designated as the 30th natural monument, and there are Jeongjiguksa Pagoda which is Korea's treasure No. 531 and a monument.

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