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[Hwaseong] Yunggeolleung Royal Tomb


Yunggeolleung Royal Tomb, located at the foot of Hwasan Mountain, is the combined name of Yungneung and Geolleung Royal tombs. Yungneung Royal Tomb (the one in the left) is combined tomb for the crown prince Sado who was put to death in a rice chest unfairly and his wife, crown princess Hong while Geolleung Royal Tomb (the one in theright) is combined tomb for the Joseon Dynasty's 22nd King Jeongjo and Queen Hyoui. Both Youngneung and Geolleung Royal Tombs have been selected as 206th historic site on May 26th 1970. The King Jeongjo was famous for his filial piety, and he was buried right next to his father's tomb. Although there is only one entrance to Yungneung and Geolleung Royal Tombs, they are apart from each other. Passing by the ticket office, one road is divided into two. Among these two roads, the right road leads to Yungneung Royal Tomb and the left road leads to Geolleung Royal Tomb. This place is good not only for educational purpose, but also for a walk along the forest. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to walk around the Yunggeolleung Royal Tomb's trail.

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