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GyeonggGi Medical Tourism Center

Welcome to
South Korea’s the most attractive province,
Gyeonggi-do !

Gyeonggi-do, surrounding the capital city,
Seoul, is an excellent tourist attraction and the center of “Hallyu.”
It is also the center of Northeast Asia’s industry and distribution.
Based on its outstanding medical system,
2014 Gyeonggi-do Medi Tour Center has been established.

Through various program development and
oversea visitors’ convenience improvement,

Gyeonggi-do is becoming the medical tour hub city.

경기도 지역 지도 영역

경기메디투어센터 로고

leading the medical tourism!

In Gyeonggi-do, you can experience UNESCO World
Heritage sites, theme parks, maritime ecological parks,
and the world’s only Korea DMZ (demilitarized zone).
Also, you can enjoy complex medical tour services,
such as physical examination, cosmetic surgery,
and critical illnesses treatment.
The Gyeonggi-do Medi Tour Center and
its cooperatiive organizations will try
their best to improve your quality of life through
the best healing experience.

Medical Korea
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