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Interpreting Guide

If you need smooth communication with foreigners, find BBB!
There is 24 hours interpreting service in 19 different languages by about 4,000 volunteers– BBB

bbb korea 비비비 코리아Volunteer Interpreters 통역자원봉사 bbb 1588-5644

In Korea1588-5644
From Overseas82-2-818-1500


  • 1 Interpreting volunteer service is an immediate service that enables smooth communication through BBB’s representative phone number. You will be connected to volunteers’ phone, and you can directly talk to them.
  • 2 You can get help from relevant language volunteers by using interpretation application or calling to BBB’s representative phone number.
  • 3 As volunteers are standby with their phone ready, you can get the fastest service at anytime and anywhere for 24/7. Through this service, you can immediately solve language problems in airport, hospital, police station and department store.
  • 4 Interpreting volunteer service is a purely private voluntary service that provides real-time help whenever there is a language problem in daily life situation, such as at the airport, hospital, shopping and police station. Therefore, it is a free service without any additional fee other than basic phone bill.
Please have appropriate etiquette to volunteers!

Interpreting volunteer service does not have commercial objective, such as professional translation, tour guide and entertainment.
Numerous number of BBB volunteers from all levels of society are sacrificing their precious time to solve your incontinence for 24 hours. Therefore, please have appropriate etiquette, when you are talking to them.

Language Support 19 languages


You can enjoy this free service by connecting to 1588-5644 and press the country code of the language that you need help with.

1588-5644 Country Code
Country Country Code
English 1
Chinese 3
Spanish 5
Russian 7
Portuguese 9
Polish 11
Swedish 13
Vietnamese 15
Mongolian 17
1588-5644 Country Code
Country Country Code
Japanese 2
French 4
Italian 6
German 8
Arabic 10
Turkish 12
Thai 14
Bahasa Malaysia 16
Bahasa Indonesia 16
Hindi 18

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