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[Health Screening] Bucheon Branch of Seoul Women’s Hospital


Bucheon Branch of Seoul Women’s Hospital

Examination Contents

This examination allows for the early diagnoses of cancers and diseases that have high rates of occurrence
among women (cervical, ovarian, breast, thyroid, and stomach cancer and osteoporosis) and provides thorough
examinations conducted by medical professionals specializing in women’s health.

Areas of examination : Body fat analysis, body measurements, thyroid, breast, pelvic, and abdominal ultrasound,
breast CT, liquid-based cytology for cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, ovarian cancer markers, bone density,
and sleep gastroscopy

Estimated time : 2 to 3 hours

Examination fee : KRW 800,000

Additional information : Additional fees may be incurred if package examination reveals any abnormalities that
call for additional tests.

Preparatory Instructions

• Must fast for 12 hours before examination (no water allowed, except for Thorough Cancer Screening for Women)
• Examinations cannot be conducted during menstruation. Tests can be conducted seven days after the menstrual
cycle is complete, at the earliest.
• Unmarried women who have not had sexual intercourse are not subjected to the cervical cancer test.
• Pregnant and nursing women may be restricted from receiving certain tests.
• Blood pressure medication should be taken at 5 a.m. on the morning of the examination with a small amount of water.
• If you are currently taking medication or have recently had surgery, consult with your family physician before
ceasing such medication (Aspirin, antithrombotic).
• Patients scheduled for a sleep gastroscopy must be accompanied by a guardian and are not permitted to drive
after the examination.