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Recommended Products

[Health Screening] The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital


The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital

Examination Contents

A health examination tailored to your individual needs, helping you stay healthy in old age by checking for health
risks associated with sex, age, personal/family history, lifestyle habits, etc.

Areas of examination : Standard + blood tests (hematology, blood type), liver, pancreatic, and kidney function,
uric acid, cardiovascular tests, electrolytes, anemia, immunology, thyroid, tumor markers, and urine test

Estimated time : Within 180 minutes

Examination fee : Men: KRW 750,000 / Women: KRW 850,000

Preparatory Instructions

• Morning health examination: no food from 9 p.m. the previous day
• Afternoon health examination: no food from 12 a.m. on the same day
• Gum, candy, cigarettes, and water are not permitted.
• Antithrombotic: If possible, stop taking medications one week prior to the examination date.
• If you cannot stop taking medications, please consult with your family physician.
• Do not have any health examinations done if you are pregnant or menstruating.