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[Others] Children and Adolescents Clinic (CHA Bundang Medical Center)


Children and Adolescents Clinic (CHA Bundang Medical Center)

Introduction of program

About the Program

Active consultation and care for children and teenagers in the areas of: - Postnatal care, preschool height and growth, and preschool cardiology; - Sleep and neurology, digestion and nutrition, and blood cancer; - Allergies, atopic dermatitis, and respiratory syndromes; - Pediatric urology, etc.


Children and teenagers with signs of growth failure, such as: - Children who are among the shortest three percent of their peers in the same age and sex group; - Children at least 10 centimeters shorter than the average height of the same age and sex group; - Children aged three to 10 who grow by less than four centimeters a year Signs of precocious puberty: - Girls who begin to develop breasts before the age of eight; - Boys who begin to experience genital growth before the age of nine; - Girls who begin menstruation before the age of 10; and - Boys and girls who are shorter than their peers but begin showing signs of puberty earlier than their peers.


- KRW 1,500,000: blood, ECG, ultrasound, and growth plate tests - KRW 1,250,000: brain MRI (if necessary)

Examination Contents

- Doctors conduct detailed interviews to determine when the signs of puberty began to show, how quickly the signs are developing, how quickly the children are growing, when the parents began to experience puberty, and whether the children have been exposed to sex hormones.
- Doctors examine children’s bodies to evaluate the progress of their growth and stage of puberty and determine whether there could be other possible causes for the symptoms.
- Children’s wrists are X-rayed to determine the age and maturity of their bones.
- Hormonal stimulation tests may be performed when necessary.
- Ultrasound or brain MRI tests may be necessary if other causes are suspected.