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Recommended Products

[Oriental Clinic] Dongguk University Oriental Medical Center


Dongguk University Oriental Medical Center

Examination Contents

This program features enzyme bath therapy. This therapy raises the body temperature to promote blood circulation
as well as the circulation of stagnant lymph fluid, resulting in improvements in terms of joint pain, cold hands
and feet, and edema. By expelling toxins that do not leave the body through urine or feces, the treatment has a
detoxifying effect as well. The enzyme bath is made of medicinal herbs, chosen specifically for their circulationand
metabolism-promoting properties, fermented with rice bran and bacillus, a beneficial microorganism. As a
result, the therapy features a powerful and beneficial synergy effect that is created through the combination of
the heat, the medicinal herbs, and the enzymes produced by the microorganisms used, thereby improving various
bodily functions. This therapy is particularly useful for those with a cold constitution, poor liver function, chronic
fatigue, or low immunity. Bacillomycin, an enzyme produced by Bacillus, has powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial,
and sterilizing effects.

Procedures : [Special coffee enema (coffee detox)] A special type of enema that utilizes coffee and is highly
effective when accompanied by colon cleansing. Coffee dissolves decomposed substances in the intestines (e.g.
fecal compaction) and increases gall bladder secretions, which helps break down fat.
[Electric lipolysis needle (Lipodren)] Electric needles that break down fat deposits. By providing electric
stimulation and heat, the needles expedite the release of energy inside fat cells, ultimately reducing the size of the
fat cells in the body. This procedure also stimulates the contraction of muscles, which helps circulate stagnant
body fluids and reduce fat.
[Wild ginseng medicinal injection for obesity] With an effect similar to that of the lipolysis injection in Western
medicine, this injection is composed entirely of Oriental medicinal herbs (wild ginseng, musk, bear gall bladder, ox
bezoar, etc.). Contrary to liposuction, this is a very simple procedure that takes very little time and leaves no scars.
Also, there are virtually no side-effects.

Estimated time : approx. 3 hours

Treatment fee : Consultation fee: KRW 35,000 / Enzyme bath: KRW 40,000 per session / Coffee detox: KRW
30,000 / Lipodren: KRW 50,000 to 70,000 (depends on patient’s condition) / Wild ginseng medicinal injection for
obesity: KRW 80,000 per session, KRW 350,000 (five-session package)