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Recommended Products

[Oriental Clinic] Dongguk University Oriental Medical Center


Dongguk University Oriental Medical Center

Examination Contents

[Skin care (basic)] microneedling therapy system + mega-lift embedding needle (or cosmetic needle) + Oriental
skin care + Oriental face pack

[Skin care (intensive)] Day 1: microneedling therapy system + mega-lift embedding needle (or cosmetic needle)
+ Oriental skincare + Oriental face pack
Day 2: Oriental regenerative skincare (Porederm)

[Oriental medicinal herb peeling] Oriental medicinal herb peeling + Oriental skincare + Oriental face pack

Procedures : [Cosmetic needles for face] Needles are placed at acupuncture points and in the muscles of the
face to produce a skin regeneration effect. This procedure expedites blood circulation in the face and promotes the
formation of collagen in the skin. It increases skin elasticity, improves the appearance of wrinkles, and enhances
one’s overall complexion.

[Microneedling Therapy System] A special Oriental medicine procedure that stimulates the dermal layer with a
fine needle without damaging the epidermis. It allows nutrients to be delivered deep into the skin through the fine
“pathway” created by the needle and induces the production of collagen. Other benefits include increased skin
elasticity and reduced appearance of fine wrinkles.

[Mega-lift Embedding Needle] This procedure inserts polydioxanone, a thread that is naturally broken down and
absorbed by the body, into the connective tissue of the subcutaneous layer. This promotes blood circulation and
serves to rejuvenate the skin.

[Oriental medicinal herb peeling] This organic Oriental face peel technique takes a fine powder made from
a thorn-shaped medicinal herb and applied it the skin in order to stimulate the dermal layer and the natural
regenerative power of the skin. By promoting skin regeneration and removing accumulated dead skin cells, this
procedure helps remove blemishes to create a clear complexion.

Estimated time : approx. 2 hours

Treatment fee : Consultation fee: KRW 38,000 / Cosmetic facial needle: KRW 132,000 / Microneedling therapy
system: KRW 192,000 / Mega-lift embedding needle: KRW 252,000 / Oriental medicinal herb peeling: KRW 198,000