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[Health Screening] G SAM Hospital


G SAM Hospital

Examination Contents

An examination that aims to ensure patients live fulfilling lives by preventing and treating the symptoms of aging.

Areas of examination : [Basic examination] (95 tests: blood (60) + urine (10) + organ function test (25), including
gastroscopy) +
[Men] prostate and thyroid ultrasound, bone density, and testosterone
[Women] thyroid, breast, and uterus ultrasound, bone density, human papillomavirus, E2, Lypoaran (“Cinderella”)
injection, coffee enema, and high-pressure oxygen

Estimated time : approx. 4 hours

Examination fee : Men: USD 790 / Women: USD 890

Additional Information : Lypoaran (“Cinderella”) injection: anti-aging, obesity control, and skin improvement
High-pressure oxygen: anti-aging, skincare, immunity improvement, stroke/dementia prevention, blood
circulation disorders

Coffee edema : removes bodily toxins (detox), expedites weight loss, and is beneficial for liver and bowel movements

Preparatory Instructions

[Day before examination]
• Have a light dinner (no oily food) and refrain from eating after 9 p.m.
• Patients who are currently taking medication should cease taking such medication, after consulting with their
family physician.
• Refrain from excessive drinking, overeating, and overexertion, as doing so could potentially have an effect on the
results of the examination.
[Day of examination]
• Do not eat breakfast, drink water or coffee, smoke cigarettes, take medication, or chew gum. (Brushing teeth is
fine as long as no water is swallowed in the process.)
• Do not bring any valuables or wear jewelry/accessories. Wear clothing that is easy to put on and take off.
• Those who have had a gastrectomy or hysterectomy must clearly indicate such on the questionnaire.
• Items to bring: health questionnaire and glasses, if worn (including contact lenses)
[Other points to note]
• If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please try to do so before the day of the examination.
• Women patients who believe they may be pregnant, are currently pregnant, or are menstruating should not
receive health examinations.