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[Oriental Clinic] JainMedi Hospital


JainMedi Hospital

Examination Contents

The procedure known as “Jeonganchim,” literally meaning “balancing the face,” aims to give patients’ faces
a more youthful appearance. Using only acupuncture needles, it produces an effect similar to that of plastic
surgery. The muscles and acupuncture points of the face, top of the head, and front of the neck are stimulated
with needles, creating an overall lifting effect and leading to improvements in terms of issues such as edema,
wrinkles, and facial asymmetry. Contrary to the acupuncture needles used in pain treatment, the needles used for
the Jeonganchim procedure are made out of a soft, thin nano-silver-based material. Thanks to the use of this
material, the needles cause virtually no pain and provide maximum effect. Also, there have been only very few
incidences of bleeding or bruising.

Areas of examination : Face cleansing-> high-frequency wave treatment -> Jeonganchim -> Jeongan face
pack -> skincare treatment

Estimated time : approx. 1 hour

Examination fee : KRW 300,000 / USD 260

Additional information : Skincare is provided based on Oriental herbal cosmetics.
※ After the acupuncture treatment, needle marks may remain on the skin. However, these marks will disappear in time.