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[Health Screening] Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Suwon Total Healthcare Center


Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Suwon Total Healthcare Center

Examination Contents

This thorough screening program offers health check-ups that take into consideration a wide range of risk factors
(family history, personal medical history, lifestyle habits, etc.) and symptoms.

Areas of examination : [Basic exam] blood tests (50), including general blood tests (21) + cardiovascular tests (5)
+ liver function tests (11) + kidney tests (4) + thyroid tests (3), etc. [Specialized: liver] liver MRHE + abdominal
ultrasound + liver cancer marker test (a-fetoprotein) [Specialized: heart] heart ultrasound + coronary calcification
MDCT + exercise stress test + blood pressure + heart rate + ECG [Specialized: brain] brain CT + CBF ultrasound +
carotid ultrasound + blood pressure + heart rate + ECG

Estimated time : approx. 150 minutes

Examination fee : KRW 650,000

Additional information : Operating hours: (afternoon registration) 12:30 to 13:30, free porridge provided after

Preparatory Instructions

• Information on pre-exam fasting
- On the day before the examination, have a light dinner at around 7 to 8 p.m. Avoid meat, bunsik (foods including
tteokbokki, sundae, etc.), and oily foods and do not overeat.
- Do not eat from 9 p.m. the day before the examination until the examination is over (including alcoholic
beverages, water, gum, candy, etc.).

• Information regarding medications
- Depressants and heart disorder medications (arrhythmia medication)
: On the morning of the examination, take medications with a small amount of water before arriving at the center.
- Diabetes medication (insulin shot and/or oral medication)
: Take while fasting to prevent hypoglycemia.
- Medication that may increase the possibility of hemorrhaging (Warfarin, Aspirin, etc.)
: If you are scheduled for an endoscopy, stop taking such medication, if necessary, after first consulting with
your family physician. (Aspirin: 7 days before, Warfarin: 5 days before)

※ If you have had a stroke, suffer from thrombosis, heart disease, or lung disease, or have had surgery or been
hospitalized within the past three months, please consult with your family physician before your screening/
examination regarding ceasing any medications that may increase the possibility of hemorrhaging.