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Recommended Products

[Health Screening] Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Suwon Total Healthcare Center


Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Suwon Total Healthcare Center

Examination Contents

This program provides diagnoses of adult diseases and conditions of the major internal organs for adults at least
20 years of age.

Areas of examination : [Basic exam] gastroscopy + abdominal ultrasound + blood tests (40) + urine tests (10)
+ organ function tests (10) (body composition analysis, ophthalmology, hearing, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG,
chest X-ray, etc.); [Thorough tests for lungs] low-dose lung MDCT + lung function test + lung cancer tumor
marker test (CYFRA 21-1, NSE); [Thorough tests for men] prostate ultrasound + male hormone (testosterone,
SHBG) + prostate-specific antigen (PSA); [Thorough tests for women] pelvic ultrasound + gynecological exam
(pelvic exam) + cervical cancer exam (PAP-SMEAR) + breast scan (mammography) + breast cancer marker test (CA

Estimated time : approx. 150 minutes

Examination fee : KRW 220,000

Additional information : Operating hours: (morning registration) 07:00 to 10:30 / (afternoon registration) 12:30 to
13:30, free porridge provided after examination

Preparatory Instructions

• Questionnaires available in English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.
• Detailed explanations of precautions to be taken before and after each examination are provided.