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[Health Screening] National Cancer Center


National Cancer Center

Examination Contents

Comprehensive exam that tests for six major cancers (stomach, lung, liver, colorectal, breast, and cervical) in the
early stages.

Areas of examination : [Basic exam] (72 items: questionnaire, body measurements, ophthalmology, lung and
heart function, blood tests, diabetes, cardiovascular tests, pancreas, liver, kidney, and thyroid function, test
for gout, immune system evaluation, urine/feces tests, stomach, colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer, tumor
markers, ultrasound). Gastroscopy and colonoscopy included.
[Optional areas of examination] breast ultrasound (KRW 162,000), bladder cancer tumor marker test (KRW
27,000), prostate ultrasound (KRW 148,500), laryngoscope (KRW 35,000), arteriosclerosis test (KRW 55,000),
MRI/MRA (KRW 900,000), PET-CT (KRW 1,060,000), abdominal fat CT (KRW 64,000), heart ultrasound (KRW
205,000), heart calcium CT (KRW 213,000), etc.

Estimated time : approx. 4 hours

Examination fee : Men: KRW 930,000, Women: KRW 1,150,000

Preparatory Instructions

• Includes tests that use cutting-edge cancer diagnostic techniques (colonoscopy, lung cancer low-dose CT, etc.)
/ Colon polyp surgery can be done on day of admission.
• If a patient receives a second opinion that from our results ours, the patient can be referred immediately to one of
our many specialty centers for additional tests and treatment (stomach, lung, liver, colon, breast, uterus, special/
chemotherapy, government-funded treatment).
• Comprehensive and consistent lifelong health management through diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of
diseases (assigned to physician on the day of examination).
• Weekend health check-ups conducted once per quarter.
• Operates in-patient examination center.