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[Skin Care] Oh & Kim’s Aesthetic Clinic


Oh & Kim’s Aesthetic Clinic

Examination Contents

In this program, the Janus skin analyzer is used to determine skin type, allowing our experts to determine the most
effective skincare procedures for each patient’s particular skin type and provide treatments that reduce the signs
of aging. Also, through the medical consultations we provide, patients are able to see the condition of their scalp
using our hair-loss diagnostic device and folliscope. If these tests show any signs of hair loss or scalp disease, the
appropriate treatment methods are then determined accordingly. Based on our consultations and diagnostic tests,
our patients can restore the health of their skin as well as the beauty of their face.

Areas of examination : Janus analysis (sebum, wrinkles, pigment, skin tone, pores, and UV ray CT)

Estimated time : approx. 20 minutes

Examination fee : KRW 30,000

Preparatory Instructions

• To ensure the accuracy of the results, it is recommended that patients remove all makeup.
(The Janus skin analyzer produces more accurate results if the examination is conducted on makeup-free skin.)