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[Health Screening] Philip Medical Center


Philip Medical Center

Examination Contents

[Philip Gold] Thorough health examination program that aims to detect adult diseases, cancers of major organs,
abnormally functioning organs, and reoccurring diseases in middle-aged and elderly patients.

Areas of examination : [Philip Gold] basic tests, respiratory test, cardiovascular test, digestive system tests
(endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound), endocrinology test (thyroid ultrasound), arteriosclerosis test (carotid
ultrasound), comprehensive blood test, various tests for men (prostate ultrasound, male hormone test), various
tests for women (breast CT, breast ultrasound, liquid-based cytology for cervical cancer, and female hormone
test), bone density test / comprehensive CT scans: brain, low-dose chest, cervical or lumbar CT (choose one) /
comprehensive MRI scans: liver and biliary tract, pancreas MRI, or cerebrovascular MRA

Estimated time : Philip Gold: 3 to 4 hours

Examination fee : Philip Gold: Men KRW 920,000, Women KRW 980,000

Additional information : Meal provided after examination, safe and convenient valet parking service

Preparatory Instructions

[Day before examination]
• Have a light dinner (no oily food) and refrain from eating after 9 p.m.
• Patients who are currently taking medication should cease taking such medication, after consulting with their
family physician.
[Day of examination]
• Do not eat breakfast, drink water or coffee, smoke cigarettes, chew gum, or take any medication.
• Patients who have had a gastrectomy or hysterectomy must indicate this on the questionnaire.
• If you think you may be pregnant, are currently pregnant, or are menstruating, please refrain from receiving a
health examination.