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[Others] Postnatal Care (Grace Hospital)


Postnatal Care (Grace Hospital)

Introduction of program

About the Postnatal Care Center

- An infant unit built with eco-friendly materials that offers comprehensive care for newborns. - Equipped with every amenity and facility needed to ensure the prompt recovery of mothers (including hinoki saunas, foot bathroom, full body massage chairs, and sitz bath tubs, among others). - Each room is equipped with a sitz bath tub, breast pump, baby bottle sterilizer, refrigerator, and microwave oven. - Features an eco-friendly air purification system that includes hongsonghanjimun (for preventing dust buildup on curtains), birch tree walls, and non-toxic wooden floors. - The center also offers a spacious lounge and a rooftop garden that connects the ninth and tenth floors. - Medical specialists are always on duty throughout the center, with pediatricians checking in on the babies on a daily basis. - Internationally qualified breastfeeding experts help mothers manage breastfeeding. - Masseuses and specialists from popular spas provide full body massage and skincare services for mothers.


A pleasant, state-of-the-art room for each mother each mother is assigned a spacious, pleasant room that is equipped with a wall-mounted, big-screen smart TV, bed with premium bedding, air purification system, crib made of eco-friendly materials, and a breast pump, as well as a bathroom featuring products imported from Italy. Infection control system our infection control system is comprised of air purifiers, steam and infrared sterilizers, fine dust removal system, and furniture coated with eco-friendly antibacterial agents. Postpartum services we offer breastfeeding instructions and training, postpartum therapeutic massage, consultations with pediatricians, a clean room in the infant unit, sterilization of the infant unit, 24/7 checks on newborns, and newborn photo shoot.

Price(KRW) For two weeks

- Premium: KRW 4,400,000 - Deluxe: KRW 4,800,000 - Suite: KRW 7,800,000