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[Others] Postnatal Care Program (CHA Bundang Medical Center)


Postnatal Care Program (CHA Bundang Medical Center)

Introduction of program

About the Program

Systematic postnatal care provided by expert medical practitioners Our Postnatal Care Program provides postpartum consultations with OB/GYN professors, consultations with pediatricians regarding childcare issues, consultations with professional nutritionists, a mini-buffet, infant massage, infant bathing training, making of black-and-white mobiles, acupunctural massages (to facilitate the discharge of bodily wastes, control swelling, improve pelvic posture, and prevent the thickening of the belly), wholegrain diet-based and pain-free breastfeeding (involving treatments and services for reducing pain, increasing milk production, preventing and treating mastitis, and improving milk quality), healthy meals designed by professional nutritionists (for special-needs mothers, such as diabetics), and nutritious and balanced meals delivered via room service.


- No fees are charged for one outpatient visit made to the OB/GYN doctor during the program. - Fifteen-percent discount on medical checkups for two at CHA Bundang Medical Center. - Postnatal care inspired by traditional Asian medicine that includes a seven-day supply of saenghwatang (to be administered twice a day), saenghwatang teacups, and a 10-percent discount on Asian medicine-style postnatal care. - Gifts are provided upon entry into the program, including three eco-friendly baby bottles, diapers, baby formula, and other baby-related        goods. - Additional gifts are provided upon completion of the program, including baby clothing and wraps. - Also provided is a photo album for the mother and child, with photos dating back to the prepartum stage and including the child’s 50th day    following delivery.

Duration 2 weeks