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Recommended Products

[Health Screening] Sejong General Hospital


Sejong General Hospital

Examination Contents

The “Heart Longevity” program is a heart disease-specific program provided by Korea’s most prominent heart
hospital. It offers basic examinations and special heart disease tests conducted by the experienced medical staff
of Sejong General Hospital. The most important organ in the human body, the heart serves as an indicator of
blood circulation and valve disease. If signs of disease are discovered, prompt treatment can be provided by the
hospital’s heart specialists.

Areas of examination : Youth to Old Age + thorough tests for heart (heart ultrasound, cardiovascular CT)

Estimated time : 2 hours

Examination fee : KRW 680,000

Additional information : Follow-up consultation: within two days of examination

Preparatory Instructions

• Patients must fast for nine hours before the examination. Those taking Metformin diabetes medication must
cease taking such medication 48 hours before and after the examination.
• Patients of the Health Longevity program who are taking anticoagulants must cease taking such medications one
week before the examination.