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[Health Screening] Sejong General Hospital


Sejong General Hospital

Examination Contents

The “Health Longevity” program is a comprehensive health examination conducted over a period of two days,
requiring patients to stay in Sejong General Hospital’s VIP area overnight. During this time, various tests are
conducted on the heart and digestive system as well as cancer tests. In the Chinese proverb “One can purchase a
good doctor, but not good health,” we see ourselves as the "good doctor," and we strive to do everything we can
to promote and ensure the health of our patients. This program includes a colonoscopy, thorough heart exam, and

Areas of examination : Heart Longevity + gastroscopy/colonoscopy (sedated) + accommodation (VIP single room:
includes two meals)

Estimated time : 1 night, 2 days

Examination fee : KRW 1,280,000

Additional information : Follow-up consultation: within two days of examination / For colonoscopy, removal of
incur additional fees.

Preparatory Instructions

• Patients must fast for nine hours before the examination. Those taking Metformin diabetes medication must
cease taking such medication 48 hours before and after the examination.
• Patients of the Health Longevity program who are taking anticoagulants must cease taking such medications one
week before the examination.