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[Health Screening] Sejong General Hospital


Sejong General Hospital

Examination Contents

The “Youth to Old Age” program takes very little time to complete and offers rapid and accurate results, taking
into account the busy schedules of people today. It checks for signs of common adult diseases (cancer and heart/
digestive tract diseases). After the examination, prompt consultation is provided and a treatment schedule is set
up, if necessary.

Areas of examination : Basic tests (height, weight, and blood pressure), body composition analysis, hearing,
ophthalmology, chest X-ray, ECG, blood tests (general, WBC differential, liver, kidney, and thyroid function,
hepatitis, diabetes, electrolytes, hyperlipidemia, and tumor markers), urine/feces tests, abdominal ultrasound,
upper gastrointestinal tract (endoscopy or upper gastrointestinography), dental exam, and medical consultation

Estimated time : 2 hours

Examination fee : KRW 280,000

Additional information : Follow-up consultation: within two days of examination

Preparatory Instructions

• Patients must fast for nine hours before the examination. Those taking Metformin diabetes medication must
cease taking such medication 48 hours before and after the examination.
• Patients of the Health Longevity program who are taking anticoagulants must cease taking such medications one
week before the examination.