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Recommended Products

[Health Screening] Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Examination Contents

This program offers middle-aged patients (represented by the elegance of the color purple) a valuable chance to
diagnose and prevent various types of cancer in the early stages.

Areas of examination : Basic examination (height, weight, and blood pressure), hearing, body composition
analysis, ophthalmology (intraocular pressure, fundus), chest X-ray, lung function, low-dose chest CT, blood
tests (general, WBC differential, liver and thyroid function, hepatitis, diabetes, renal function, electrolytes,
hyperlipidemia, and tumor markers), urine test (microalbuminuria, nicotine), feces test, abdominal ultrasound,
endoscopy, colonoscopy (sedated), thyroid ultrasound, nutritional evaluation, and medical consultation
[Men] carotid ultrasound and exercise stress test
[Women] liquid-based cytology for cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, breast X-ray, pelvic ultrasound, bone
density, and brain markers

Estimated time : 3 hours

Examination fee : Men: KRW 1,230,000 / Women: KRW 1,450,000

Preparatory Instructions

• No food after 9 p.m. from the day before the examination.
• Patients should cease taking medication (Aspirin, antithrombotic), after first consulting with their family
• Diabetes medication should not be taken on the day of the examination.
• Blood pressure medication and anticonvulsants may be taken at around 5 a.m. on the day of the examination with
a small quantity of water.
• Several tests are not conducted on pregnant and breastfeeding women.