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[Health Screening] Suwon Nanoori Hospital


Suwon Nanoori Hospital

Examination Contents

This examination combines a smart basic examination with intensive treatment options for problematic areas of
the spine and/or joints. The results are used to provide treatments that most effectively relieve patients’ pain and

Areas of examination : [Basic examination] Questionnaire (health consultation), blood pressure (systolic/
diastolic), urine tests (diabetes, albuminuria, hematuria, and hemoglobin tests), blood analysis (kidney function,
anemia, red blood cells, inflammation, blood disease, blood coagulation, liver function, hepatitis B and C, syphilis,
and AIDS), X-rays (chest and optional areas), ECG, and bone density test
[Optional examinations]
① Brain: Brain MRI + MRA ② Spine (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar): C-T-L MRI
③ Joint (shoulder, hip, and knee): MRI of necessary areas
④ Pain relief treatment: extracorporeal shockwave treatment + frequency therapy

Estimated time : 1 to 3 hours (may vary depending on type of examination)

Examination fee : [Basic examination] KRW 300,000
[Optional examinations] ① KRW 900,000 ②KRW 750,000 ③KRW 600,000 ④KRW 240,000

Preparatory Instructions

• Examination results may be received the day after the examination is performed and can be translated into
foreign languages as needed.