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[Kazakhstan–Cerebral palsy]

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명지 뇌성마비


Zainalov Zulyar (9, male), a recipient of the Global Medical Sharing Project of Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization to invite foreign patients in need of help, had been experiencing paralysis and muscle rigidity on the right calf, since he was diagnosed of cerebral palsy at birth. Professor Song Sang-heon at Myongji Hospital was in charge of the surgery. Professor Song said, “It was difficult for him to walk normally due to the muscle paralysis and rigidity resulting from contractural deformation. So we performed a surgery to relax muscles and ligaments,” adding “the goal is not to treat cerebral palsy, the underlying disease, but to resolve the contractural deformation so that he can walk a normal walk.” The boy received rehabilitation treatment for normal walking, after the surgery.
Zainalov Zulyar lives with his mother and two younger siblings in a small
village that is about an 18 hour drive by car (1,239 km) from Almaty, Kazakhstan. His father died of illness when he was four and since then, his mother has scraped a living. He was diagnosed with brain cyst at birth by a Kazakhstani doctor, but later, diagnosed with cerebral palsy through a re-examination.
“I feel as if having everything in the world, imagining my son running around and playing with his friends,” said his mother, who came to Korea with him. “My son says he wants to study hard and become a doctor who treats patients in a difficult situation like him. He dreams of doing medical volunteer work abroad like the Korean doctors who treated him.”
The Kazakhstani public broadcaster came to Korea to cover child’s treatment. The procedure from admission to discharge at the hospital was broadcast on the Kazakhstani talk show “
Aittuga Onai.”