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[JAN. 2024] 54 Individuals Successfully Completed 2023 Training for Overseas Medical Professionals

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  • Date 2024-01-23
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54 Individuals Successfully Completed 2023 Training for Overseas Medical Professionals in Gyeonggi Province



Fifty-four medical professionals and government officials, including nurses, from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan completed a medical training program during their visit to Gyeonggi Province.

In June, 10 Mongolian doctors from the Center for Health Development of Mongolia (HDC), Ulaanbaatar City, and Töv Province visited Gyeonggi Province and completed training at the Catholic University of Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea University Ansan Hospital, and Myongji Hospital.


In September, two medical professionals from the Kazakhstan Cardiovascular Center and Central Clinic Hospital, collaborating with Soonchunhyang University Hospital Bucheon, completed training. Additionally, two medical professionals from the First Central Hospital of Mongolia completed neurosurgery training at Wiltse Memorial Hospital.



From October to December, a total of nine medical trainees from Uzbekistan recommended by the Tashkent Province Government, Tashkent Republic Cancer Center, and Tashkent Republic Urology Center completed training in urology, neurosurgery, surgery, and thoracoabdominal surgery.


During the one-month training period, the participants engaged in ward rounds, conferences, surgical observations, and outpatient clinic experiences under the guidance of the training institution’s supervising professors. Additionally, they stayed in Gyeonggi Province for four weeks, directly exploring medical facilities and experiencing various cultural activities and the foreigner-friendly living environment in Korea.


The participants expressed great satisfaction with the training program and pledged to continue honing their medical skills upon returning to their home countries for the promotion of their citizens’ health. They also committed to networking with medical institutions and professionals in Gyeonggi Province in the future, with the goal of sharing and learning the latest medical technologies.



In 2023, the first training program targeting nursing personnel was conducted. A total of 23 individuals, including nurses from Mongolian regional public hospitals recommended by the HDC and government officials, were invited to Gyeonggi Province for a short-term nursing training program.


At the completion ceremony, a nurse who took part in the program expressed her gratitude saying, “I appreciate the warm welcome we received at every hospital we visited in Korea. Working as a nurse here, I have come to realize the respect and good treatment accorded to this profession.” She added, “I hope to become an excellent nurse, providing even better care for Mongolian patients in the future.”



As part of the follow-up initiatives after signing health and medical cooperation agreements, Gyeonggi Province has been conducting overseas medical training programs, inviting healthcare professionals from 10 countries including Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

In 2024, Gyeonggi Province plans to continue its medical training programs for healthcare professionals worldwide, including Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kenya.